Ian Plumley
Plummers has been racing for about 15 years and has a wide knowledge of the sport. He's been club champion at NRCC and Bracknell too. As the man in charge, he knows just about everything about the club.
Kev Tombeur
Race Director / Webmaster
Kevin is an experienced race director having the position at NRCC for 7 years. If you have any questions about the format format of the racing or about lap counting please ask him
Stu Barber
Stu became treasurer when the club was in a tight spot, and along with then chairman Tony Gatt guided and supported the club until it was financially stable. Now the books are balanced, can he get his car balanced?
Lee Campbell
Touring Car Guru
Lee has been racing touring cars for 15 years, has raced at large national meetings and is multiple club TC champion. There is little he doesn't know about setting up Tourers and racing them. If you need advice with yours he'd be happy to help.
Mark Passingham
12th Scale Guru
Mark has raced LMP12 and GT12 at National and International level and is multiple club champion at 12th scale. If you have questions about your 12th scale car he'll be please to give assistance.
Giles Bishop
Track Build Guru
Giles is one of the longest serving club members and is very familiar with all aspects of carpet laying, track building, packing away and track maintenance. If you're unsure about how to help, please ask him.

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