RC Shops

Lee Martin is one of the most successful RC racers in the country, and whilst much of what he sells in his online shop is geared for off-road racing he does supply some essential on-road supplies.

NRCC members get a 10% discount off all items in the store.

Demon Power Products stock a very wide range of items for on-road RC racing, and it's owner Nick has a long history in RC racing.

OUr suppliers

The British Radio-Controlled Car Association is the governing body of our sport. It sets the rules and framework that we've based our club on. Anyone who races at our club must become a member of the BRCA in order to get third party insurance cover.

We use a MyLaps RC3 decoder for lap timing. The RC3 is not compatible with the latest generation of Purcy MyLaps transponders but is compatible with all MRT transponders.