18 Jul 2020, 14:37
With news that indoor sports clubs and venues can re-open from the 14th July, NRCC is preparing to go racing. Please click to read thsi article, to find out why this traffic light is amber.
23 Jun 2020, 20:51
With changes to the lockdown rules and the gradual re-opening of the country, the club is now starting to look at re-opening.
23 Apr 2020, 16:21
With the country still in lockdown, race meetings at NRCC are still suspended. The latest advice from the BRCA is that clubs will probably have to remain closed until the end of June.
17 Mar 2020, 21:39
NRCC is sad to say that it's club racing has been suspended following advice from HM government and the BRCA, at least until the end of April. We want to carry on racing, but the health of our club members and their families comes first, as well as our responsibility to do our bit to slow the spread of the virus.
18 Feb 2020, 12:50
It's here, brand new flat carpet. Many thanks to for their wonderful service.
26 Jan 2020, 10:44
We've a new class for the new century - truck racing. The idea is to have a simple, inexpensive class of racing. Check out the Rules page for more information.
12 Nov 2019, 12:34
Get ready for the 2020 racing season. You can now renew your BRCA licence and your NRCC membership.
13 Aug 2019, 10:52
This year's AGM will be held on the 20th September 2019. For full details, click on the AGM page.
25 Jun 2019, 21:25
The college want their hall back, please mister. So no racing on 25/10/19 - but we're open on the Fridays before this.
23 Jun 2019, 16:47
This event has been cancelled because of a date clash.