The UK government is changing the lockdown rules on the 4th of July to allow more places to open, particularly places of entertainment.  This opens the doors for indoor RC clubs to start operating again.

The BRCA has published a document to this affect - please, pretty please read it here

Tony and Kev are now looking at ways of operating the club, whilst maintaining as safely as possible for all competitors and their families.  It will mean changes to how the club operates, how many people can be present and how we all behave at the venue.

We also need to talk to the college to find out when they will be able to host us again.

You'll have to have a little patience with us getting things together as we have a number of obstacles the overcome, and this is not a definitive list

  • Places will be limited and places will have to be online, with race fees in advance by Paypal.  The website will need to changed to enable this.
  • People will need to bring their own facemasks, gloves and cleaners to the track.
  • The tracks will have to be shrunk to allow more space for pitting and moving around
  • The tuck shop will probably have to be closed, so people will need to bring their own food and drink.
  • Races will be limited to a maximum number of drivers to ensure a reasonable distance between drivers on the rostrum
  • We will try to make race results available on the wifi, instead of being on paper.

So please have a read and a think, and check back in here regularly to see where we're at.

Thanks everyone


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