AGM 2019

This year's AGM will be held on September 20th at 7:15pm.  This will be before racing on a non-championship race night.

The AGM is your chance to improve the club and have your say in how it runs.  It is also your chance to nominate yourself to be elected to the Committee.

The current committee is:
Tony Gatt - Chairman
Stuart Barber - Treasurer
Kevin Tombeur - Race Director

Submissions for proposals close at 23:59 on Wednesday 18th September 2019.

Only club members may submit proposals or vote .

Click here to add a proposal or nomination

List of proposals

Date Added Name Proposal Reason for proposal
25/08/2019, 13:02 Ray Chiu I propose that all motors used are only motors from the brca list. I don’t think this will affect anyone’s pockets due to most running in brca sanctioned events. The latest R1 motor has been banned by the brca and is currently being used by some. Making things fair and keeping everyone on a level playing field in line with the brca.
13/08/2019, 10:31 Kevin Tombeur Drop GT12 from our list of classes raced We only very, very rarely have enough GT12 entries to make a heat of their own. It would be less misleading to drop it from our list of race classes. If we get enough entries and there is space in the timetable we can always run the class anyway.