Which transponders work at our club?

We use a AMBrc v3 decoder which will work with all transponders except the 'Purcy' model.

These ones will work:

These one's won't work:

Please note the transponder in the bottom left pic has 3 wires. These ones will not work with our decoder.

Do you do drifting?

No, track time is at a premium so we do what our core members want. And that's racing.

What surface do you race on?

We race on a black ETS-style (if you know what that means) carpet. The carpet come in 4, 4m x 30m rolls, giving us a racing area of 16m x 30m with just 3 lines of tape. The carpet is rolled out every week, and rolled back up at the end of the evening.

Do you race F1 or Minis or TT-01s or any other classes?

We have three different classes to choose from, GT12, LMP12 and touring. Full details can be found on our Rules page.

I don't have a transponder. Can I race?

Sure you can, but you won't score any laps.

On the other hand you could borrow one of the club's transponders for the evening. Pop along to race control when you arrive to borrow one.

Where we get our stuff from

This black tape looks good on our black carpet and is great value from Fosseway Tapes

The orange marker discs (or dots) we use at corner apexes can be bought from Amazon.

The driver's rostrum is available from Electromarket.

Our carpet in 4m x 30 rolls is from HEBO International BVBA, Kalkhoevestraat 1, 8790 Waregem, BELGIUM email : Contact: Bob Jannink Tel. +32 (0)56/620 216, Fax +32 (0)56/620 236