Do I need to book in?

No, you can just turn up on the night. Booking in makes it easier for us to run the club and it also means you will have a race place even if you arrive late.

Click Enter to book in for the next Friday race meeting.

Do I need to be a member to race?

No, members get to race for a reduced fee, can vote at AGMs and are eligible for championship points. Any BRCA member can come and race with us.

Not a BRCA member? then click Join for more information.

Will my transponder work?

At NRCC we use a MyLaps RC3 decoder. This means all MRT transponders will work with our timing system.

Also all MyLaps transponders will work except for the RC4s. Your transponder is a RC4 if it has three wires coming out of it.

Can I get race information on my pit table?

Yes, if you have a Windows notebook you can run Netscreen on it. Netscreen will give you a time for your next race, live race timing and overall positions.

Go to our Download to install the correct version of netscreen.

Is there any timed practice?

Yes. The club will be open by 6pm, and then the track build begins. Racing starts around 7:30pm.

Once the track is built, open practice begins and will carry on until 5 mins before the first race.

Can I race my nitro car?

No, we are electric only. There is no way to extract the fumes from internal combustion engines from the building.

Do you do drifting?

No, Just racing.