Winter Championship 2008/09

Winter 2007/08 - 1/12th

Winter 2007/08 - Touring

Winter 2007/08 - Buggies

Winter 2006/07 - Touring

Winter 2006/07- Buggies

Summer Championship 2008

Summer 2007 - Touring

Summer 2007- Buggies

Championship Rules

Each championship will consist of 22 rounds .Each driver's best 12 scores will count towards their championship scores.

There will be 3 rounds of qualifying, single fastest race (FTD) to determine qualifying order..

Top qualifier will score 50pts, second will score 48, third 47, fourth 46 and so on.

The A final winner will score 200, second 197, third 195, fourth 193 and so on down.

The grid for the finals will be set by qualifying order.

Non-members will not score points, and will not take points away from members.