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Fancy some racing on the 29th December and want some practice for the nationals/ETS carpet?

What We Race

We race electric 1/10th or 1/12th scale RC cars indoors on carpet.

Classes are Touring Cars, GT12 and LMP12, all running 13.T motors and Blinky ESCs (see Rules)

When We Race

We race just about every Friday night (check Events page) from 6:00pm to 10:30pm

Open practice begins when the track is built. Racing starts around 7:30pm

Cost To Race

Adult members pay £8 for a race meeting. Non-members £9. Racers staying to help pack away are rewarded with credits towards a free race meeting (worth roughly £1.).

Juniors are £4 for members and £5 for non-members.

Tyre Rules

Touring cars must run on rubber slick tyres. Sorex 28JBs are the most popular.

1/12th scale cars run on foam tyres.

Tyre additive is permitted for all classes.

Power, Tables & Chairs

The club owns enough extension cables as well as tables and chairs for an ordinary club night.

Special events of 35 or more drivers may require some racers to use their own stuff.


Drop by on one of our club nights, have a look around and feel free to ask any questions to the racers. We're all willing to offer advice.


Thankyou to everyone who attended this race meeting. The spirit and good humour of all racers showed off our sport in a good light to all the people who came to watch. We had several people who were interested in taking up RC racing at clubs local to them, and a lot of the kids really enjoyed the show- especially those of you who crashed spectacularly.

In addition you all helped raise £341 for Bloodwise, a very worthwhile charity, and West Berks Classic Vehicle Club were happy with our contribution. Also thankyou for all being ready to race and marshal at the right time and for making the meeting a pleasure to run. Special mention too to all non-members and members who helped pack away.

  • We have one of the largest indoor tracks in the country, with a racing area of 30 metres by 15 metres
  • Our venue is always warm, clean, dry and very brightly lit.
  • Our carpet is the very grippy ETS type which gives a high average speed.
  • The tracks we use have been evolved over the years to give a flow and a challenge
  • The track markers we use are designed to minimise damage to your car when you hit them
  • We have hand-out transponders for those who don't have their own